Category: A Most Ambitious Experiment

Tildy’s Moment

Bogle’s Family Restaurant on Eighth Avenue is not a famous place, but if you need a large cheap meal, then Bogle’s is the place for you. There are twelve tables in the room, six on each side. Bogle himself sits at the desk by the door and takes the money. There are also two waitresses […]

A Retrieved Reformation

Jimmy Valentine had served ten months of a four-year sentence for cracking safes. He was a professional burglar, master in his job and nobody could compete with him in the art of cracking safes. Ten months ago he was caught by Ben Price, eminent detective, who was his personal enemy. And today he was released […]

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country in Europe. It is famous for its many beautiful rivers and canals. About a quarter of the Netherlands lies very low, lower than the water in the sea. High and thick dykes around the Netherlands don’t allow the water from the sea to flood the land. The Netherlands is also […]

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