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Room for One More

A man named Joseph Blackwell came to Philadelphia on a business trip. He stayed with friends in the big house they owned outside the city. That night they had a good time visiting. But when Blackwell went to bed, he tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. Sometime during the night he heard a car turn […]

A Retrieved Reformation

Jimmy Valentine had served ten months of a four-year sentence for cracking safes. He was a professional burglar, master in his job and nobody could compete with him in the art of cracking safes. Ten months ago he was caught by Ben Price, eminent detective, who was his personal enemy. And today he was released […]

A Magic Ring

Once upon a time there lived a young farmer. He worked very hard but was very poor. One day when he was far from home in the forest, an old woman looking like a peasant came up to him and said, «I know you work very hard, and all for nothing. I will give you […]

Buonas dias!

My name is Violet Romero. I live in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a small country in Central America. It is a very hot country. Our family is large. I have five brothers and sisters. My father and mother work on the farm. We have horses, pigs and a lot of chickens on the farm. Children in […]


Once upon a time there was a poor woodcutter who had a beautiful daughter. The woodcutter was very proud of her. One day he boasted to the king, «My daughter can spin straw into gold.» If your daughter can do this,» said the king, «bring her to me and I shall see.» So the woodcutter […]

The Memento

The window of Miss D’Armande’s room looked out onto Broadway and its theatres. But Lynette D’Armande turned her chair round and sat with her back to Broadway. She was an actress, and needed the Broadway theatres, but Broadway did not need her. She was staying in the Hotel Thalia. Actors go there to rest for […]

Video Post

Desert, mountain or hill, forest or tropical beaches, sunsets or sunrises, rainbow mountains or snow-capped – create your unique landscape. The kit is great for intstagram posts, stories, social media, logo, branding, posters, invitations, cards, prints, textile, packaging, mood boards and more.

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