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A Retrieved Reformation

Jimmy Valentine had served ten months of a four-year sentence for cracking safes. He was a professional burglar, master in his job and nobody could compete with him in the art of cracking safes. Ten months ago he was caught by Ben Price, eminent detective, who was his personal enemy. And today he was released […]

Her lover

An acquaintance of mine once told me the following story. When I was a student at Moscow I happened to live alongside one of those ladies whose repute is questionable. She was a Pole, and they called her Teresa. She was a tallish, powerfully-built brunette, with black, bushy eye-brows and a large coarse face as […]

Coat from the Dead

One evening a man called James was on the road from Oxford to London. There weren’t many cars on the road because it was late. Suddenly in the lights of his car he saw a woman by the road – she was quite young and very pretty. ‘It’s dangerous to walk along the road when […]


The South Pole sits on a vast area of land. The land’s name is Antarctica. There are a lot of mountains in Antarctica. Some of them are three kilometres high and more! There are many volcanoes under the ice of the South Pole. The ice in Antarctica is very thick! In some places it is […]

A Walk in Amnesia

That morning my wife and I said our usual goodbyes. She left her second cup of tea, and she followed me to the front door. She did this every day. She took from my coat a hair which was not there, and she told me to be careful. She always did this. I closed the […]

A boy from Darjeeling

My name is Sunil. I live in Darjeeling. It is in India, near the Himalayan Mountains. I’ve got a father, a mother and four sisters. We live in a small house. There’s a large garden near our house. We have six seasons: spring, summer, the monsoon ( муссон) season, early autumn, late autumn and winter. […]

A Good Lesson

Once a rich Englishwoman called Mrs Johnson decided to have a birthday party. She invited a lot of guests and a singer. The singer was poor, but he had a very good voice. The singer got to Mrs Johnson’s house at exactly six o’clock as he had been asked to do, but when he went […]

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